Research & Development

Bellarine Foods conducts experimental research activities on the conversion of high value feedstock into concentrates and powders.  Bellarine has a state of the art spray dryer, infusion heating and evaporation, together with Ultra Filtration and Nano Filtration membrane plants.  The facility is designed to enable research and development activities across each of these areas; taking desk top research and then conducting further experimental activities, testing expected outcomes in a small scale production facility.

A particular area of focus so far has been the recovery of protein from dairy waste streams.  To date this has included research into processing goat cheese whey into infant grade Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) powder, and bovine whey from yoghurt manufacture into a reduced protein WPC powder. We have dried a range of speciality powders, which included producing an agglomerated spray dried camel milk powder to the required specifications to meet international market demands.

With a strong network and a range of experts available to us, we have done research into the spray drying of non-dairy liquids, including oils, plant extracts, fluid culture mediums and juices. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your next project.

Bellarine Foods - 195 Station St, Corio VIC 3214